Bannon: ‘Poisonous’ Globalist Liz Cheney on the Ropes in GOP Leadership

 Stephen K. Bannon says “poisonous” globalist Liz Cheney is on the ropes in GOP leadership. “She’s a globalist, she’s poisonous and she should not be in leadership,” Bannon said, Saturday. Axios reported that GOP leaders are threatening a Cheney ouster. Bannon said it is long overdue, for the fist-bumping Biden Republican who betrayed her voters […]

Bannon Reveals Big Media’s Next Phase of Information Warfare of Vaccines Against Christians

Stephen K. Bannon explains the latest phase in the information warfare pushing vaccine passports, and stigmatizing those who don’t get it. “We’ve met the problem and they are evangelical Christians,” he said of the Big Media campaign playing out on the front page of the New York Times and in CNN. The Times led on […]

Episode 916 – Stinking to High Heaven … CCP Inside the CIA and Biden Abolishes ICE

Don’t Forget About NH Dustin Cournoyer, of Granite Shore Power, joins War Room for an update on the forensic audit in New Hampshire, as questions emerge about auditor “Verified Voting.” “The House went Republican. The Senate went Republican. The executive committee went completely Republican,” he said. “You’re going to ask me to believe that [Matt] […]

Episode 915 – Who Are the Rubes? … NY Times Steps Up Vaccine Information Warfare Against Christians

Vaccine Info War Steps Up Stephen K. Bannon explains the latest phase in the information warfare pushing vaccine passports, and stigmatizing those who don’t get it. “We’ve met the problem and they are evangelical Christians,” he said. CNN pushes businesses mandated vaccine and friends shunning friends for no vaccine New York Times: In rural America […]

Episode 914 – North By Northwest Meets Homer, Alaska … FBI’s Abuse of Power and Where is Pelosi’s Laptop?

Dr. Fail War Room breaks down Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci’s ever changing advice on masks and vaccines. Stephen K. Bannon says they’re creating a whole new category: “the vaccine confused.” “They are trying to pretend they have a clue,” said Raheem Kassam. “They both pretend to know, then hide the details, then ask the […]

Bannon Exposes Dr. Fauci’s Plan for Experimental Covid Vaccines for ALL School Children

Stephen K. Bannon reveals the buried lede from Dr. Fauci’s TODAY interview: he wants all school children to receive the experimental covid vaccines by the end of the year.  “This is not going to be acceptable to the American mother,” Bannon said. “The American mother wants to see data-based, evidence-based, science-based. That is going to […]

America First Kelly Tshibaka Takes on Swamp ‘Goliath’ Lisa Murkowski

America First candidate Kelly Tshibaka told War Room why she is taking on Swamp “Goliath” Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.  “Our freedom is shrinking and our economy is blown,” she said. Tshibaka told her inspiring story of how her parents went from being homeless to sending her to Harvard. Her parents lived in a tent, but […]

‘I Feel Like a Character in 1984’: Giuliani Exposes FBI Raid on His Apartment Was TOTALLY Illegal

Rudy Giuliani says he feels like a character straight out of 1984, after the feds conducted an illegal raid of his apartment. Giuliani recorded his latest podcast Rudy’s Common Sense comparing America to 1984 and Brave New World. The next day the FBI raided him. “Now I feel like a character in 1984,” he said. […]

Episode 913 – Straight Out of 1984 … Rudy Giuliani on Biden’s Illegal Raid of His Apartment and Illegal DOJ Spying on President Trump

Rudy Responds America’s Mayor joins War Room for the first time since the political raid on his apartment. Giuliani refutes more fake news in the Washington Post, and definitively says the FBI never gave him a defensive briefing on Russia and Ukraine. “At no time did the FBI brief me about Russian connections of anyone, […]

Episode 912 – Taking of the Swamp Goliaths … Kelly Tshibaka vs. Lisa Murkowski and Big Media Props Up Biden’s TV Ratings

81 Million “Votes,” Only 11 Million Viewers War Room catches Big Media inflating Joe Biden’s ratings after only 11 million watch his joint address to Congress. Even the inflated number of 26 million would be the lowest on record.  Nothing says 81 million votes — most in history — like having to rig TV ratings […]

‘This is About Trump’: DOJ Violated POTUS and Giuliani’s Constitutional Rights, SPIED on Them DURING Impeachment

Rudy Giuliani joined War Room after the blockbuster revelation that the Justice Department under Bill Barr spied on President Trump and his lawyer during impeachment in the fall of 2019. The outrageous violation of the president’s constitutional rights could only have been secured with a lie. The secret warrant accessed all of his privileged communications […]

Rudy Giuliani Says FBI NEVER Briefed Him, Exposes Fake News WaPo Report on Ukraine

The FBI never briefed America’s Mayor on Ukraine, Rudy Giuliani told War Room, Friday. Giuliani refuted the fake news report in the Washington Post, which falsely claimed the FBI briefed him on a supposed “Russian disinformation” campaign to target Joe Biden. “I can’t be more clear,” Giuliani said. “I never got a briefing from the […]

Episode 911 – On Borrowed Time … The Illegitimate Biden Regime, GOP Cronyism in GA, and Moms Fight Back

You Can’t Hide This Anymore Stephen K. Bannon says it’s evident from Joe Biden’s address that he did not receive 81 million votes, and over 12 million more than Barack Obama. “Twelve million more votes coming from the basement in Delaware?” he said. “This is why they’re plan is so radical, they know they’re on […]

Mike Lindell Gets Rave Reviews on Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Game Changer’ on Getting Truth Out

Mike Lindell joined War Room fresh off his successful appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, where the My Pillow CEO was able to make his case on election fraud. “He had read my book, and they said he couldn’t put it down,” Lindell said. “That gave me a peace before I went on. And he was one […]

IRONY: Feds Harass Reporter for ‘Trespassing’ at Wide Open Border Where Cartels Walk Through

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from the border where the feds are harassing him for “trespassing” — at the same spot where the cartels walk right through. Bergquam joined War Room at the spot where the Biden regime stopped building President Trump’s border wall, leaving it wide open for anyone to walk […]

‘We’re Not Taking it Anymore!’: AZ Parents Band Together Against Kid Mask Mandate, Ed Board Runs

Parents in Vail, Arizona have had enough of the mask tyranny against their kids in school. Carrie Liebich, a mom and author, joined War Room Thursday to explain how parents simply standing together forced the Board of Education to flee. Liebich said the parents will not stop until they recall board members and end the […]

Episode 910 – Not the End of a Wall, the End of a Country … Mike Lindell’s Rave Reviews on Jimmy Kimmel and the End of American Sovereignty

Lindell’s a Hit Mike Lindell joins War Room after his successful appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. Raheem Kassam notes Kimmel really warmed to the My Pillow CEO, let him talk, and had a lively discussion. “He had read my book, and they said he couldn’t put it down,” Lindell said. “That gave me a peace before […]

Episode 909 – The Shot Heard Round the World in Vail … Arizona Parents Take Stand Against Kid Mask Mandates

Red Meat for Democrats War Room reacts to the pathetic Joe Biden address, Wednesday evening, where supposedly fully vaccinated Congress still sat 20 feet apart and masked up. Stephen K. Bannon asks, “Why is the vaccinated posse sitting up there fully masked?”  There’s no one there… The CCP Model Stephen K. Bannon and John Tamny […]

Episode 908 – Deep State Projection … Giuliani Raided But FBI Leaves Hunter’s Laptop From Hell

TRO Denied War Room reacts to a huge win in Arizona, after a judge denied the Democrat’s attempt to stop the Maricopa County election audit. A fired up Boris Epshteyn breaks it all down.  “The Democrats were denied in court,” he said. “They went home crying.” “That was a beat down today,” said Stephen K. […]

Mike Lindell Holding Frank Launch in South Dakota May 10, Mask-Free and Full of ‘Great Surprises’

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is holding a launch party for Frank in Mitchell, South Dakota on May 10. The event at the Corn Palace will be mask-free and full of “great surprises.”  “That’s going to be the grand grand opening to the world,” Lindell told War Room of Frank, his new social media platform […]


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