War Room: ‘Great Reckoning’ Coming for Fauci, Media on CCP Virus

Raheem Kassam reveals what former New York Times writer Nicholas Wade’s article questioning the origins of the Chinese Communist Party virus means: a great reckoning is coming.  “There’s a shift underway, principally on the Wuhan lab and also the vote,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “The walls will close in,” Kassam said. Kassam said the truth about the […]

New Evidence in Antrim County: 1,061 Votes Not on Voter Rolls, 100% ‘Turnout’ for 80-Year-Olds

Matthew DePerno, constitutional attorney, said his election fraud lawsuit discovered new evidence of voter fraud in Antrim County. “We discovered 1,061 votes that were counted in this election that do not appear in the actual voter rolls in the state,” he told War Room, Saturday. “Near 100 percent voter turnout of people ages 65 – […]

Mike Lindell: ‘I’ll Give Dominion a Little Scare. We Have the Machines’

Mike Lindell returns to War Room and announces a third documentary on election fraud: Absolute Cover Up. “This is the biggest cover up probably in history,” Lindell said of the stolen election. “It’s so massive.” Lindell says evidence shows Donald Trump won Arizona by at least 80,000 votes, and puts Dominion on notice. “I’ll give […]

Episode 933 – The Great Reckoning … Walls Close in on Dr. Fauci and New Evidence of Voter Fraud

There’s More Whistleblower Dr. Yan Li-Meng explains how misinformation plays into the Chinese Communist Party’s unrestricted warfare.  Plus, Dr. Yan reveals it wasn’t just the Wuhan Institute of Virology that got shady funding from Dr. Fauci. Follow @DrLiMengYAN1 The Great Reckoning Raheem Kassam reports on what he’s been up to: a two hour special of […]

Episode 932 – Fauci’s Fall Guy … Absolute Cover Up About Wuhan and Nov. 3

Absolute Cover Up Mike Lindell returns and announces a third documentary on election fraud: Absolute Cover Up. “This is the biggest cover up probably in history,” Lindell said of the stolen election. “It’s so massive.” Lindell says evidence shows Donald Trump won Arizona by at least 80,000 votes, and puts Dominion on notice. “I’ll give […]

Episode 931 – Invade Everywhere, Invite Everyone RINOs … Rep. Matt Gaetz and Who the Future GOP Belongs To

The Working Class vs. Corporate Woketopians Matt Gaetz joins live from the Villages before his America First rally with Marjorie Taylor Greene. First, Rep. Gaetz rips Liz Cheney and the “invade everywhere invite everyone across our border illegally” Republicans. “If Liz Cheney could even find Wyoming on a map and find her way back there […]

War Room: Club for Growth is ‘Club for Globalists’

Stephen K. Bannon and Peter Navarro take the mask off the Club for Growth and reveal why they are going after Elise Stefanik. “The hypocrites in the Club for Growth have only one thing in mind: the growth of net worth of the biggest most wealthiest people in this country,” Bannon said on War Room, […]

National Border Patrol Council Endorses Stefanik to Replace Cheney

Elise Stefanik is wracking up endorsements to dethrone Liz Cheney from GOP leadership. Boris Epshteyn recapped the endoresements, which includes President Trump, the National Border Patrol Council, and former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik. Epshteyn said the endorsement of the National Border Patrol Council, led by Brandon Judd, is particularly important to the MAGA movement. The […]

‘Right Over the Target’: Arizona Senate Unmoved By Biden DOJ’s Attempt to Disrupt Election Audit

State Sen. Sonny Borrelli said the Department of Justice’s bullying to try to stop the Arizona election audit is giving patriots trying to get to the bottom of Nov. 3 more resolve. “We’re right over the target,” he told War Room, Friday. Borrelli said the Biden DOJ letter sent by Pamala Karlan is more “garbage” […]

Navarro Praises Stefanik, Says McCarthy ‘Has Got to Go’

Peter Navarro praised Elise Stefanik’s interview on War Room as her “coming out party” for MAGA, and said Kevin McCarthy should be disqualified from leadership because he backed Liz Cheney. “It basically was her coming out party to the MAGA world,” Navarro said. “Anybody who listened to that saw a supremely intelligent individual who is […]

Episode 930 – The Club for Globalists … Exposing Club for Growth and Bill Barr’s Role in the Big Steal

Right Over the Target Arizona state Sen. Sonny Borrelli explains why the Department of Justice’s bullying letter trying to stop the election audit is giving them more resolve. “We’re right over the target,” he said. Borrelli counters the Biden DOJ “garbage” and says it’s impossible to intimidate voters after they have already voted, particularly if […]

Episode 929 – MAGA Power Move … Big Media Melts Down Over Elise Stefanik and Getting to the Bottom of Nov. 3

MAGA Power Move War Room covers the total and complete meltdown over Elise Setfanik’s support for the Arizona audit and President Trump. Stephen K. Bannon says replacing Liz Cheney with Stefanik is a “power move” for the Trump movement. “Particularly getting to the bottom of what happened on Nov. 3,” he said. “And that’s what […]

Episode 928 – The Most Dangerous Place on Earth … America’s Brexit and China’s Threat to Taiwan

The French Don’t Get Much Right in Life, But… Nigel Farage and Boris Epshteyn join War Room in-studio, and discuss how Farage warned mail-in ballots would destroy American elections. Plus, Farage gives a positive message to the disillusioned of the MAGA movement. “We won the Brexit vote, the globalist establishment tried to stop us,” he […]

REVEALED: The Critical Race Theory Extremist Running Biden’s MAGA Purge From the Military

Darren Beattie reports on Revolver’s latest bombshell exposing the man behind the MAGA purge from the U.S. military: Bishop Garrison, a far-left, BLM-supporting, critical race theory zealot. “This guy is a critical race theory zealot, a huge proponent of the notorious 1619 project, huge proponent of the Black Lives Matter movement, proponent of all kinds […]

Giuliani: DOJ is a ‘Secret Police’ for Biden Regime

Rudy Giuliani warned War Room the Department of Justice is being used as a “secret police” for the Biden regime, and Democrats are trying to turn America into a one-party communist state. Giuliani eviscerated the Biden regime’s threatening letter to Arizona, trying to intimidate the election audit that is finally examining the actual ballots and […]

Episode 927 – The Woke Praetorian Guard … Biden’s Secret Police and the MAGA Purge from the Military

Biden Using His DOJ to Defend His Illegitimacy Stephen K. Bannon and Boris Epshteyn discuss the outrageous letter from the Justice Department trying to intimidate the Maricopa County audit. “It shows just how worried the Democrats are,” Epshteyn said. Plus, War Room exposes the authoritarian tactics of the Biden regime, raiding Rudy Giuliani’s law office […]

Episode 926 – The Spirit of Saratoga … Rep. Elise Stefanik on the Working Class GOP, Election Integrity, and Breaking Up Big Tech

The Spirit of Saratoga Rep. Elise Stefanik, who is poised to take on Liz Cheney for her leadership position, joins War Room for a deep dive into the issues and the future of the Republican party. Stephen K. Bannon and Stefanik start with 2016, and how Stefanik stood by President Trump when it wasn’t easy […]

Elise Stefanik: Working Class is Key to the President Trump-Expanded GOP

Rep. Elise Stefanik pointed to the working class as the future of the Republican Party. Stefanik, who could soon replace Liz Cheney as GOP Conference Chair, credited President Trump with expanding the party. Cheney has mocked the working class expansion that President Trump ushered in. Stefanik, however, said the average American is key to the […]

‘What Are the Democrats So Afraid Of?’: Stefanik Backs AZ Election Audit, Unlike Cheney

Elise Stefanik backed the election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, asking, “What are the Democrats so afraid of?” In a wide-ranging interview on War Room, Thursday, Stefanik said election integrity is on the top of her agenda, so Americans can have confidence in elections after what happened on Nov. 3. “I fully support the audit […]

Episode 925 – Collusion Hoax in the Heartland … Scandals Plague Soros Prosecutors in Arizona

The Russia Collusion Case Brought to the Heartland John Solomon, of Just the News, reports on the latest in Maricopa County, where election officials admitted they don’t have the administrative password to access the voting machine system. Plus, Solomon reveals the damning evidence against George Soros-funded prosecutor Kimberly Gardner in Missouri and her witch hunt […]


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