We should continue to impeach him until we actually get our way,” Congressman Gallego exclaimed.

Speaking to Vice News on the eve of the historic impeachment of President Trump, Arizona Democrat Ruben Gallego gave away the Democrats’ game plan for 2020.

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Since the day President Trump was sworn into office, Democrats have been plotting to impeach a duly elected president and will continue to cast aside facts so that they can “get their way.”

On Episode 77 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller were joined by pollster John McLaughlin to discuss recent numbers in the Dirty 30 districts – and it’s not looking good for the Democrat incumbents.

Kassam began the discussion on the recent Fabrizio, Lee, & Associates poll: “These numbers in the Dirty Thirty districts – this is where Trump won in 2016, and where congressional incumbents are Democrats – these don’t portray a particularly good picture.” 

“Impeachment’s a loser for the Democrats,” McLaughlin said. “There’s an impeachment backfire going on right now around the country… The week before [the whistleblower complaint] – this is back in September –  the President was in the polls: he was leading all the Democrats, his job approval was over fifty per cent in the good polls of likely voters. All of the sudden this whistleblower appears and impeachment takes over. This is all a political charade.

“In late October we took a national survey, and we said ‘is this political to stop the President from being reelected, or is this battle a legal process?’ 52-36, the majority of voters said it’s political. And at the time, 59 per cent of all voters thought this was a waste of time and it was going no where.