On Episode 99 of War Room: Impeachment host Raheem Kassam outline how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – ‘AOC’ – has become the “driving force of the Democratic party” evidenced by Democrats adopting her position on the Soleimani’s death.

She believes “this attack on Soleimani and impeachment are inextricably linked.”

Kassam describes her influence: “You can love her or hate her, but I don’t think you can deny the fact that she is the guiding light, the steering mechanism behind Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat party. She says jump the Democrats say how high, and they’re coming to this conclusion that there really has started in AOC’s head much like a lot of the best ideas out there that this attack on Soleimani and impeachment are inextricably linked.”

He explains her faulty logic: “the president they say is on the back foot even though he’s up in the polls because of impeachment, he’s up because of impeachment, impeachment is dragging the Democrats down, they’re finding it harder to cut through, their 2020 candidates are in the witness protection program as a result of all of this, but we’re supposed to believe this tin foil hat theory from AOC that the president is in retreat, and that retreat looks like taking the fight to our enemies to the international stage.”