On Episode 49 of War Room: Impeachment, Jason Miller debunks the joint effort between Democrats and the media to suggest aid to Ukraine was released because of the whistleblower. 

Miller points to the National Defense Authorization Act, “where we actually go and dole out the money for countries like Ukraine that require American scrutiny of their efforts to crack down on corruption every single year” as well as congressional budget rules which “require that funds be spent by the end of the fiscal year, midnight September 30th.”

Host Stephen K. Bannon adds: “You can’t just spend it on the 30th. You have to get the ball rolling [2] weeks in advance.”

This made September 15th, 2 weeks prior to the September 30th spending deadline, “a hard out to spend the money, our make or break, […] and going to call our bluff about withholding the money.”

However, the reason “the aid was actually sent October 3rd as opposed to September 30th was because of the continuing resolution going on on Capitol Hill, which allowed it to be spent after the September 30th midnight deadline.”

Democrats and the media are “trying to say it was only just after the whistleblower report that they went and let the money go.”

In reality, “They had to [release the aid] by September 15th otherwise the money would have been gone.”