Democratic representatives in swing states don’t want to talk about impeachment, but their constituents certainly do.

ABC’S Martha Raddatz traveled to 3 key states – Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania – to gauge voter’s opinions on impeachment and its impact on 2020.

What she found was not a good omen for Democrats.  

CNN’s recent attempt to prove support for impeachment in swing states similarly backfired when they actually found bipartisan opposition.

It’s clear; establishment media elites are out of touch with real Americans.

In Michigan, Raddatz begins at Trump’s ‘historic’ rally in the city of Battle Creek. She’s surprised that although “it was about 10 degrees outside the Trump rally, the faithful lined up nevertheless and the impending impeachment” – a true testament to his support. 

At the rally, she meets several supporters of the president who emphasize impeachment has no impact on their support for President Trump. They dismiss the process as entirely illegitimate. 

A woman remarks: “Oh it’s shameful. It’s terrible. It’s all made it up. They hate him. They just want him out. They have Trump derangement syndrome.”


But even away from the Trump rally, voters who don’t support the president admit impeachment will likely contribute to his reelection.

Raddatz acknowledges: “There are already worries that impeachment just might give Michigan to Trump once again.”

One voter remarks: “I don’t think this is going to help the Democratic party. I really don’t. In fact, I have great fear that the opposite is going to happen.”

Raddatz interviews another voter: “Do you think impeachment will change the race?”

He responds: “He will twist it to his advantage any way he can. It’ll help him. It will solidify his base.”

Raddatz asks another voter if impeachment will “hurt the president.”

The voter responds: “In the long run, no. This is just something he’s going to have to get through, and he will.” 

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In the next city ABC visits, Bellwether, Ohio, support for impeachment is similarly lacking.

One voter interviewed explains: “I don’t think the two sides – whether you’re Republican or Democrat – are doing what they should.”

Another describes the House impeachment hearings as “a joke” and predicts Ohio will go “fully Trump again.”

He continues: “If you look at Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, those are Democratic strongholds, but the rest of the heartland, the open areas, the rural [areas] I’m around, a lot of that is 100% Trump area.”

ABC concludes their tour in the suburbs of Pittsburgh which “showed that same purple tint as Ohio’s major cities.”

There, Raddatz interviews a college student who professes support for Trump.

He explains: “I like the way works the economy, how he produces jobs, and keeps taxes low for the middle class which is what my family is.” 

Another interviewee, A Clinton supporter, remarks that impeachment has terribly divided the country: “We need to come together, and we’re so divided. It’s sad.”

If the cohort of people ABC interviewed is any indicator of how what direction swing states will go in 2020, Democrats should be very worried.