Author Peter Bergen details to CSPAN a fascinating incident early on in the Trump presidency, wherein the President took on the globalists in his cabinet.

Transcript from CSPAN:

Basically in the meeting on one side is Steve Bannon, on the other side is Rex Tillerson, and others who represent the internationalist wing of the Republican party essentially laying out American commitments overseas. Why do we have 190,000 troops around the world, why do we have trade agreements? At the end, President Trump blows up and uses a lot of words I can’t use on C-SPAN. This is not what we are going to do, our allies are ripping us off. We are overextended, we are overcommitted, trade deficits with China really matter. We stopped winning wars. In the sacred space of that room, it is unusual for the president to take on his generals. Steve Bannon goes back to the white house with Jared Kushner after the meeting and says this is like Lincoln and his generals. The point he was trying to make was, Lincoln fired his generals when they were not fighting well during the Civil War. Here was President Trump laying out his America First plan and saying basically you can stay on the bus or if you don’t agree with this, you can jump off or I will push you off and really laying down the law in front of his cabinet.