On Episode 101 of War Room: Impeachment Raheem Kassam broke down the three things he would do if the White House’s public relations efforts regarding the killing of Soleimani were in his hands.

Number one, you have to cauterize the news and [public relations] bleed right now,” Kassam explained.

“Everything [on] MSNBC, CNN, even a lot of Fox is ‘oh my god, we’re rushing to war. Oh my God, there’s going to be a cyber attack on the U.S. Oh my God, the danger is running up and your kids are going to be sent to war. The draft is going to kick in.’”

Point two is you have to make the case,” he continued. “You have to show who this person was: how many lives they contributed to the loss of, what infrastructure they contributed to the loss of. Bullet points, punch list – make it very clear.”

“Flood the zone with profile pieces. Get all the people from the magazines, all the people who write the front page stories for the newspaper. Get all of them in, furnish them with as much information as humanly possible in this regard. It’s out there. But we know reporters nowadays. They’re not going to do the job for themselves. This White House has to do it for them.”

Kassam’s last point was the White House must “fight the hypocrites.” He elaborated: “you fight the hypocrites by showing them where the Democrats sided with Obama on extrajudicial killings, on the killings of U.S. citizens, and what they said in their letters and their interviews at the time about the President’s powers to take action.”