Taking the Country Back Village by Village 

Stephen K. Bannon highlights the growing push back against Marxist critical race theory and the political realignment underway.

Raheem Kassam says people are starting to stand up because they know, “If I don’t do it now, there won’t be a time to do it in the future.”

“It’s the masks first, then it’s the critical race theory,” said Bannon. “They’re putting my children through a struggle session,” and the “common sense mothers” aren’t standing for it. 

Newsmax host Steve Cortes notes the left-wing mobs tearing down statues was just a “dress rehearsal” for what’s to come.

“The mob will not be satiated with granite and stone,” he said. “They’ll be coming eventually for real human beings.” 

Cortes warned these Marxist movements always lead to violence. “Thankfully, we’re fighting back right now.” 

‘You Work for Me’: NY Mom Scorches School Board Over Critical Race Theory

Teacher Dana Stangel-Plowe Speaks Out About Dwight-Englewood School

Fury After Oxford Students Vote To Remove Queen’s Portrait

Secretariat-Style Victory

Steve Cortes predicts the MAGA movement will have a Secretariat-style victory in 2022 with cultural conservatism and populist economic nationalism.

“What happened in Texas over the weekend was pretty astounding,” Cortes said. “You had diverse urban locales elect Republicans. Some of them for the first time ever.”

Cortes notes Fort Worth, Texas, which is only one-third white, went Republican, as did Arlington, and McAllen.

“The tide is turning, we know the path forward,” Cortes said, pointing out Trump’s gains were not just in the Rio Grande Valley.

Trump “doubled his vote total in the Bronx,” and in Los Angeles County gained 500,000 raw votes.

“It is mathematically impossible to have those results in the Bronx…and in LA, and have the 18 and 19 bellwether counties go for Trump but then to have different results in Atlanta, Philadelphia Detroit, and in Milwaukee,” said Stephen K. Bannon.

“This is the steal,” he said. “This gets to the heart of the mathematics.” 

Dems Thought They Could Win Texas, But They Can’t Even Win Fort Worth

Conservative Shunned by Establishment Defies Odds, Wins Mayor’s Race in Majority-Hispanic McAllen, TX

Watch: Cortes & Pellegrino on Newsmax, weeknights at 9 p.m.

Trouble Has Found Us

Steve Cortes exposes the PBS, partially taxpayer-funded with the New York City Department of Education, show targeting toddlers with “drag queen story hour.”

“Trouble has found us,” Cortes said. “There is toxic pollution that is being pushed and promoted at our children.

“We have to push back vociferously,” he said. 

Mark Robinson’s powerful, must watch speech: ‘When freedom is being threatened, It’s a call to run toward trouble!’

PBS station defends drag queen skit for kids: ‘performance art that can inspire creative thinking’

Biden’s Improbable Four Perfect Games 

War Room discusses how the math does not add up in the 2020 election.

Steve Cortes, who for decades did statistical analysis on Wall Street, makes the statistical case against Biden.

“A Biden win statistically is so improbable as to be impossible,” he said.

“The idea that we [the Trump campaign] gained in vote share, in percentage, in the four largest cities in the U.S. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston,” Cortes said. “Yet we did not gain in Phoenix, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, in all the places Joe Biden needed it just strains credulity.”

Cortes said the Biden win is so full of anomalies that it would be analogous to a team sweeping the World Series with four perfect games.

“Is it statistically possible?” Cortes said. “Theoretically, I guess.

“Is it probable?,” he said. “Hell no.”

DATA: Trump Won 95% Of Bellwether Counties, Making Biden Win Statistically Improbable

How the Oligarchs Pay Virtually No Income Tax

Steve Cortes reveals how the richest men in America pay virtually no income tax.

New records revealed Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, and Elon Musk all pay less than 3.3 percent in tax on their income.

Cortes singles out Bloomberg in particular, who was bailed out by the working class after the financial crisis in 2008.

“And what has he done with that money?” Cortes said. Try to punish the working class by taking their guns and enacting a nanny state.

Cortes said the solution is to close the carried interest loophole that the oligarchs use to avoid taxes.

The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax



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