Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, lawyer and corporate banker who successfully sued Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank, reveals the globalists’ 10-year pandemic in the making with Covid-19.

The only solution is a “Nuremberg 2.0” international court, to try elites for “crimes against humanity,” Dr. Fuellmich told War Room, Tuesday.

Dr. Fuellmich explained how an accident at the Wuhan lab turned into the perfect “springboard” for the very rich and powerful to enact their plan for global control.

“Concrete plans for this pandemic were made by very powerful people 10 years ago,” he said, pointing to a Rockefeller Foundation document published in 2010.

“The final dry run was Event 201 in October 2019, a little short time later there really was this accident at the Wuhan lab,” he said.

“When this accident happened and the Chinese quickly realized that this is nothing to worry about, they took this opportunity to use this…to set our pandemic into motion,” Dr. Fuellmich said.

Dr. Fuellmich said they drafted a German scientist Christian Drosten to create a scam PCR test to ensure an astronomical false positive rate.

While Dr. Fauci was telling his counterparts around the world to say we had nothing to worry about, behind the scenes Big Pharma was pushing the World Health Organization to declare an emergency.

“They were pressured to finally declare a public health emergency, pressured by the pharmaceutical industry,” Dr. Fuellmich said. “Why? Because that is what you need in order to be able to use a vaccine or drug that has not been tested.”

Dr. Fuellmich’s analysis is based on interviews with top scientists in the United Nations, the military, and other international institutions. He said the world needs an international court to try the persons responsible.

“We have connected with roughly 100 lawyers on an international scale, we’re all filing lawsuits in our individual countries,” he said. “None of our individual legal systems will be capable of dealing with this, because many of them are corrupt, they installed the right people in the right places.”

“What we ultimately will end up having to do is have an international corona court, like Nuremberg 2.0,” Dr. Fuellmich said. “We think that’s what’s really going to be necessary to have an international corona court so we can deal with what’s going on here.

“Because these are crimes against humanity on a scale that’s totally unheard of,” he said.


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