MTG Returns

Stephen K. Bannon calls out New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay’s “bald faced lie” that America is defined by “whiteness.”

“This is a lie,” he said. “They are scared to death to talk about the facts, there is a great realignment with people in this country with every race…it doesn’t matter. You’re becoming part of this populist movement.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene returns and says she is disgusted by Gay’s comments.

“The American flag represents every man that died defending our freedoms that bled on a battlefield,” she said. “It represents the freedoms that none of us earned.”

Rep. Greene says she’s fed up with this “pure racism” from the left, and the corporate media who profit off of dividing people.

Greene said the media is trying to start a “race war” and the Democrat Party is now the “National Socialist Party.”

“They are not an American party,” she said. “There’s no other way to talk about it, they’re nothing but socialists. You can see it in every single bill that they want.”

“The socialists, the Democrats, what they’re trying to do is tear down American patriotism, love of our individual liberties,” Greene said. “They have to do that because they have to move you into a socialist mindset.”


New York Times’ Editorial Board Member Mara Gay Finds the American Flag ‘Disturbing’

Finish the Damn Wall

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene rips Kamala Harris as a “complete joke and embarrassment.”

“She needs to get her butt down to our border…instead of Guatemala,” Greene said. And instead of giving $4 billion to Guatemala, Joe Biden “needs to finish the damn wall.”

Rep. Greene fully endorses the idea of if Republicans take back the House of Representatives, electing President Trump as Speaker of the House. 

“I would love to see President Trump be the Speaker of the House,” she said. “I already have articles of impeachment on Joe Biden completely ready to go for him. I think that would be fantastic.”

Plus, MTG goes off on Fauci, and says not only does he need to be fired, he needs to lawyer up for criminal charges for helping create a bioweapon with China.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci needs to get a lawyer,” she said. “I believe he is criminally liable for what has happened with Covid-19.”

“In 2012 and 2014 Fauci was using American tax dollars and sending it to the Wuhan lab,” Greene said. “Why is there any need to create a virus that can spread rapidly through a population, make people sick and kill them? That’s a bioweapon.”

“These are bioweapons,” she said. “There is no other reason.”

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Mo Brooks Rips Eric Swalwell

Alabama Senate candidate Mo Brooks sounds off on Eric Swalwell, and how after being compromised by the CCP still sits in Congress and on the House intel committee.

“We should not have an individual serving in the U.S. Congress who has bedded a communist spy on the one hand, and then two refused to disclose it to the U.S Congress and the state of California,” Brooks said.

“For he to be on the intelligence committee…Nancy Pelosi doing nothing about it, that’s just wrong,” he said.

Brooks said it’s now up to the people of California to elect someone better, because the unethical Democrat Party won’t do anything about it.

“They don’t care about individuals who have been compromised in the ranks who are dishonest and dishonorable,” Brooks said. “That’s just the way they operate.”


Mo Brooks Says Election Audits Don’t Go Far Enough

Mo Brooks explains how the Democrats stole the election through unconstitutional, and illegal schemes.

“In my judgment if we only counted votes lawfully cast by eligible American citizens, Donald Trump won the election,” he said.

Twitter Puts Dr. Naomi Wolf Down the Memory Hole

Dr. Naomi Wolf explains why Twitter banned her: for reading verbatim press releases from Republican lawmakers trying to ban vaccine passports, and exposing Dr. Ralph Baric’s gain of function research.

“There’s no recourse, they just deplatform you,” she said. “They didn’t leave my Twitter feed up so people could decide for themselves if what I was saying was credible, well-sourced or not. 

“They erased it all in a very CCP-type, Stalinist erasure of history,” Wolf said.

Wolf warned if you’re not allowed to share what Republican lawmakers are saying on social media, we’re already in one-party state territory. 

“That was the moment that I got deplatformed,” she said. “Reading verbatim a press release from a Republican about her bill. I just read the text.”


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