Dr. Naomi Wolf explains why Twitter banned her: for reading verbatim press releases from Republican lawmakers trying to ban vaccine passports, and exposing Dr. Ralph Baric’s gain of function research.

“There’s no recourse, they just deplatform you,” she told War Room, Tuesday. “They didn’t leave my Twitter feed up so people could decide for themselves if what I was saying was credible, well-sourced or not.

“They erased it all in a very CCP-type, Stalinist erasure of history,” Wolf said.

Wolf warned if you’re not allowed to share what Republican lawmakers are saying on social media, we’re already in one-party state territory.

“That was the moment that I got deplatformed,” she said. “Reading verbatim a press release from a Republican about her bill. I just read the text.”

Dr. Wolf also explains another smoking gun on Dr. Fauci: he didn’t alert the president about a potential bioweapon.


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