Run Toward Trouble

War Room reacts to Mark Robinson, lieutenant governor of North Carolina, and his stirring speech over the weekend, saying Americans “run toward trouble,” and must do so again.

“The great awakening with the great realignment is here,” said Stephen K. Bannon.

Rogan O’Handley, a.k.a. DC Draino, returns for an update on his plan to draft President Trump to run of Congress and make him Speaker of the House.

“These people are ruthless, they want power at all costs,” he said. “Let’s start hitting back. Let’s go on the offense. You impeach us twice, we’ll impeach you twice. You steal an election, we’re going to fix it and we’re going to come roaring back.”

O’Handley says the grassroots are taking control of the MAGA movement, and taking back their own agency.

“We have a lot of winds in our sails right now,” he said. “Dr. Rand Paul took out Fauci. The masks are coming off, there is a massive uprising at the grassroots level.

“People have realized there’s no one coming to save us,” O’Handley said. “We have to save ourselves.”

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Mark Robinson’s powerful, must watch speech: ‘When freedom is being threatened, It’s a call to run toward trouble!’

Flashback, Jan. 2021: DC Draino’s Plan for the Deplorables


Javier Villalobos Wins McAllen Mayor’s Race

Bianca Gracia, president of Latinos for Trump, reveals how a conservative shunned by the establishment won the majority-Hispanic McAllen, Texas mayor’s race.

The Republican establishment did not endorse Javier Villalobos. “In fact the person that they did endorse turned around and endorsed the Democrat,” Gracia said.

“That’s how big of a win this was,” she said.

McAllen is an 85-percent majority Hispanic city, and has been hit especially hard by the Biden regime’s open borders policies.

“This is real power,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “Real power comes from the people.”

Republican wins mayoral race in majority-Hispanic McAllen, Texas

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Populist Movement Gains Steam

Founder of Red Eagle Politics Jack Francis says Javier Villalobos’s election is not a “one-off.”

“We haven’t just been lied to on the left,” Francis said. “We’ve been lied to by the neoconservative establishment on the right.”

Francis says its clear, the establishments prescription of open borders and free trade was a failure, and the key to winning working class Hispanics is secure borders, sovereignty, and economic nationalism.

Plus, Raheem Kassam gives the bigger globalist picture of Facebook’s 2-year ban of President Trump.

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Red Eagle Politics

People’s Commission on Wuhan

Stephen K. Bannon says “it’s all starting to fold on Dr. Fauci and the establishment, and warns theyre going to try to blame President Trump.

“They’re going to start trying to blame Trump on all this,” he said. “It’s all nonsense, it’s all crap.

“That dog will not hunt,” Bannon said.

Raheem Kassam calls for a People’s Commission to expose the virus origins in Wuhan, since Congress won’t do it.

“Between this show and the National Pulse we’ve done 60 percent of the work already,” he said. “It’s time we publish it in a massive document format,” for hearings on Capitol Hill.

“The People’s CCP Virus Commission, whatever you want to call it,” Kassam said. “It’s time.”

Trump demands reparations from China over COVID-19, rips Big Tech censorship


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