Joe Allen, writer at the Federalist and new contributor to War Room, breaks down the upcoming Pentagon UFO report and what the real agenda is behind it.

On June 25th the military will release its report on what it calls “UAP,” which Allen says is the politically correct moniker for UFOs. Sort of like “the ‘peaceful protester’ of the flying saucer world.”

“The Pentagon is obviously going out of their way to normalize this,” Stephen K. Bannon said on War room, Saturday.

And that’s one of the big reasons to be skeptical, Allen says.

“When you have a media ecosystem that’s full of predators you always have to be on guard for misinformation,” he said.

Allen and Bannon specifically point to Barack Obama’s numerous interviews, warning a new religious cult could form out of the release of the UFO report.

“Why is the timing now?” Bannon said.



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