Dr. Lawrence Sellin, COVID-19 subject matter expert and Colonel U.S. Army reserve, says America’s scientific elite are “culpable” in the development of the virus and covering up its origins.

Sellin told War Room on Saturday, looking at the virus it was clear “immediately it was not from nature,” but engineered by the People’s Liberation Army.

Sellin said people like Dr. Fauci and Francis Collins are responsible for helping the Chinese military deploy a bioweapon upon the world.

“They are culpable,” he said. “They have been covering up the origins of the virus from the very beginning.

“Their careers, money, their professional reputations [were] all on the line…they have deliberately suppressed any discussion of a laboratory origin of Covid-19,” Dr. Sellin said.

Dr. Sellin added they should face possible criminal charges for the cover up and financing of the virus, and said Collins is a “useful idiot” for the CCP.

“They created a biological weapon, it was distributed throughout the world,” Sellin said of the CCP. “They’ve learned about our response to it which was poor, to say the least.”

“They have to be stopped.” 


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