Radio host John Fredericks reports the Deplorables have taken over the Georgia Republican convention, live on War Room, Saturday.

“I’ve never seen anything like I have in the past three days here in Jekyll Island,” he said.

Scores of patriots showed up at the convention, energized to get involved in politics for the first time after the stolen election.

“Deplorables have come in droves, over one-third of the delegates here are brand new, never been to a convention before.

“They want to save their country,” Fredericks said. “They know Trump won.”

Bernie Kerik also reported live from the GOP Georgia convention, previewing gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones’ speech.

“Everybody I talk to comes up to me and says I watch you on the War Room,” he said. “You’ve got a lot of fans in Georgia, buddy.”

Kerik says he is “1,000 percent positive” President Trump won in a landslide, and the evidence will prove it.

There is “no doubt in mind that it was stolen,” he said.

“The evidence is coming out loud and clear. And I think in the next several weeks, especially in Georgia, you’re going to see a flip and people are going to have a heart attack,” Kerik said.

“The evidence is going to be overwhelming,” he said. “And the American people are going to see that Donald Trump actually won the election by a landslide.”


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