Fauci to China Rigging Covid Numbers: TL;DR

Raheem Kassam goes over the latest damning evidence against Dr. Fauci and NIH Director Francis Collins.

“In any fair world in any fair media environment, this would be the leading story,” he said, of the NIH Director admitting “we had no control” over the gain of function experiments we were funding in Wuhan. 

“They’re positioning this…to try edge their way out,” said Stephen K. Bannon, after Collins did a softball interview with Hugh Hewitt. “Morning Joe is grasping how they throw Fauci under the bus, but also how they get out of their own culpability there.” 

Bannon also points out the same people who shut down discussion of the Wuhan lab shut down discussion about fraud on Nov. 3.

Plus, Kassam reveals the most damning Fauci email the media won’t talk about.

Fauci’s Boss Admits Funding Wuhan Lab: ‘We Had No Control Over What They Were Doing.’

Collins Shills for CCP 

War Room exposes Francis Collins as shilling for the CCP. The NIH Director said in an interview with Hugh Hewitt the Wuhan lab is being “demonized” and is not “pure and simple” an “instrument of the Chinese Communist Party.”

“That is a stone cold lie, he should be terminated immediately,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “It is 100 percent controlled by the People’s Liberation Army.”

Collins defended the lab, where his agency funded dangerous gain of function research to weaponize viruses, as having some of the best scientists “in the world.”

“There were great scientists in Berlin in 1939,” said Raheem Kassam. “That has no bearing on whether or not these people aren’t compromised and being used as tools of an evil regime.”

Kassam noted the Wuhan lab holds CCP “spirit” seminars inside the institute, and is dedicated to implementing the communist party’s goals “without compromise.”

“For Dr. Collins to get up there and say you can’t call the lab the CCP, you’re right this is a fireable offense,” Kassam said.

Francis Collins falsely claims Wuhan Lab isn’t an “instrument of the Chinese Communist Party’

The Wuhan Institute of Virology boosted “party spirit” and pledged to implement CCP party goals “without compromise” during communist study sessions

An Incredible Night for Freedom in NYC

War Room recaps the incredible first anniversary event for the founding of the New Federal State of China, Thursday evening in New York City.

The event featured speeches by Mike Lindell, Michael Flynn, Dr. Lawrence Sellin, Dr. Yan Li-Meng, Natalie Winters, Peter Navarro, Rudy Giuliani, Jack Posobiec, Bill Gertz, and more.

“These things mean something,” Kassam said. 

Plus, Bannon says he will take a break from getting on Raheem’s drinking at Morton’s after Raheem gave the best speech of his life.

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The Fauci Sacrificial Lamb

War Room praises its audience and the alliance with freedom-loving people in China. 

“It was amazing to see the Chinese audience respond to Dr. Navarro with love…when you talk to the Chinese people they embrace these people with love because they are truth tellers,” Bannon said. “When Raheem Kassam said, ‘Hey, who are the biggest haters of the Asian people? They’re saying, ‘CCP!’”

“The regime treats the Chinese people like trash…it could have been given to an American audience of the Deplorables, it was that powerful,” he said.

Bannon said the War Room audience is “unstoppable.”

“This audience is changing the arc of history to truth and to justice and we’re just beginning,” he said. “Tony Fauci is going to be their sacrificial lamb, that’s not good enough. We’re getting to the heart of all of it.”


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