AG Paxton Joins War Room

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton tells War Room other states must get to the bottom of what happened on Nov. 3 in order for Americans to have confidence in our elections.

“It’s incredibly important for these states that didn’t defend from these lawsuits up front that we figure out what happened,” he said. “Because if we didn’t get our elections right, the people can have no confidence that the right people are getting elected.”

Plus, Paxton rips George P. Bush, who announced a challenge to Paxton for AG.

“He did such a poor job as land commissioner,” Paxton said. “He apparently didn’t remember the saying, ‘Remember the Alamo.’ He said, ‘Surrender the Alamo.’”

Paxton said Bush has “very little experience” and is just seeking higher office.

Paxton reveals he and Texas have sued Biden seven times. “We are here to defend the Constitution, we will not stop doing that,” he said.

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Real Unemployment 

Phillip Patrick, Birch Gold precious medal specialist, analyzes the poor jobs report, and the true unemployment picture.

“There’s an issue with the numbers themselves, the numbers that are published are not always accurate,” he said. “The headline unemployment [5.8 percent] don’t include short-term or long-term discouraged workers…they don’t even count you anymore.”

Patrick reveals the real unemployment rate is 26 percent.

Plus, Patrick points out the total economic picture is not much better, as “a lot of the printed money hasn’t hit the economy yet.”

“This thing is going to end either through inflation or implosion, I don’t see another way,” he said.

Bannon said Biden is destroying the U.S. dollar, and then “all hell is going to break loose.”


The Establishment Quakes

Boris Epshteyn comments on George P. Bush challenging Ken Paxton. 

“This smells to me like Karl Rove,” Epshteyn said. “I am completely behind Ken Paxton, he has a very very high future in Texas and national Republican politics.”

Plus, Epshteyn comments on NBC nearly stealing his analogy of the freight train of audits, and why that means it’s an earthquake for the establishment.

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‘NBC News gets the headline RIGHT for once! The FREIGHT TRAIN of audits is coming across the country and the Democrats, liberal media, and their comrades are melting down’ 

Just Like the Aztecs 

Joe Allen, writer at the Federalist, joins War Room on his new piece detailing horrific experiments involving Fauci’s NIH.  

“No it’s not a sensationalist headline,” he said of the article, “Is Grafting Dead Babies’ Scalps Onto Lab Rats Any Better Than Child Sacrifice?” Allen explains why this is no different from what the Aztecs did.

“We live in a very moral relativistic society,” Allen said. “I think this is on par with child sacrifice.”

Allen described the horrific details where five month old babies are aborted, and then have their “scalps are cut off and grafted on the rats’ backs.” 

“We live in a culture where many things like this [are] hidden,” he said.

Is Grafting Dead Babies’ Scalps Onto Lab Rats Any Better Than Child Sacrifice?


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