America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani warned War Room, Thursday America is in a fight for its own survival as a constitutional republic.

“This is about saving America, there’s no exaggerating that,” Giuliani said about the fight for election audits across the country.

“If people can get away with stealing votes…it undermines completely our form of government,” he said. “And by the way, it was done to undermine our form of government. Democrats want a one-party country, why do you think they have H.R. 1?”

“Do they have to announce it for people to be intelligence to realize they’re taking us to a socialist country?”

Giuliani said Democrats want a country where “only their dictates are the law,” and they’ve already accomplished core socialist tenets, like demolishing the rule of law and raising taxes to confiscatory levels to seize property.

“This is part of a whole thing that we’ve got to get people to see,” he said. “We’re really being ruled from the top, we’re a dictatorship.”


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