Fauci’s Panic

Raheem Kassam breaks down the most explosive emails from Dr. Fauci, which prove he lied about the pandemic and panicked over his gain of function research being exposed.

Not only did Fauci say privately masks don’t work and there is no asymptomatic spread, he also knew the virus was likely genetically engineered, while he was publicly pushing the false natural origin theory.

“At best it proves that it is not a conspiracy theory to talk about the engineering of this virus,” Kassam said. “The NIH-funded scientists were talking about it being engineered.

“At worst it’s a massive cover up the likes of which the world has never seen,” he said.

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Clever Lies

Former vice president at Pfizer turned whistleblower Michael Yeadon joins War Room to expose the eight big lies of governments to mislead the public into accepting vaccine passports.

Yeadon, who spent 32 years working in the pharmaceutical industry, and left Prizer 10 years ago, said he had to speak out because of the “clever lies” being perpetrated on the public on the virus, the lock downs, and the vaccines.

“Everything the government is telling us about the virus, treatments, and vaccines to take are all wrong,” he said.

“The people advising my government and yours are clever,” Dr. Yeadon said. “It’s lies. They’re actually lying and their objective in lying is to frighten people to accept these really strange gene based vaccines. 

“And I think the purpose of that ultimately is to force us to have an electronic vaccine passport, which is really a digital ID,” he said. 

“That’s the long and short of it and that’s why I’m speaking out.”

The Lock Down Lie

Dr. Yeadon exposes why the lockdowns were the biggest lie pushed by governments upon their citizens.

Yeadon said there is no scientific evidence of asymptomatic spread, meaning the lock downs had zero public health benefit.

“When we locked down the economy for months and smashed civil society we received no benefit,” he said. “No effect whatsoever.”

“These points are simply not correct, and because the people saying it are smart, they must be deliberately not telling the truth,” he said. “All the countries around the world simultaneously adopted these six, seven, eight falsehoods at the same time.” 

Dr. Yeadon said the final lie is that we must fear mutations from the virus.

“This virus mutates and the products of mutation we call them variants,” he said. “But it’s a huge virus genetically.”

Over the past 18 months, Dr. Yeadon said the virus has mutated only 0.8 percent from its original Wuhan sequence, meaning it remains almost identical to the original virus strain.

“It’s actually proven not to escape people’s immunity,” he said.

“There is nothing to fear from these variants,” Dr. Yeadon added. “And yet the government is telling you you might need different vaccines.” 

Fight for Kolfage

Larry Hetu, of Gulf Coast Patriots, gives an update on the rally for Brian Kolfage.

“We need to show the media who we are and that our movement is still very strong, and we’re not going away,” he said.



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