UFC fighter Colby Covington went off against the woke mob, LeBron James, John Cena, and Big Tech, on War Room, Tuesday.

“I don’t have to bow down to anybody,” he said. “Nobody is going to tell me how to think or what to do.”

Covington ripped Lebron James’ hypocrisy and fake social justice warrior status, while he relies on women working in his sweatshops in China to make his shoes.

“That guy is a piece of crap, a piece of garbage,” Covington said. “All he cares about is lining his own pockets and bowing down to China.

“The real heroes are the heroes in law enforcement and the military,” he said. “Sacrificing their lives to keep us free.”

Covington said the NBA is “soft,” and blasted James and John Cena as “Chinese finger puppets.”

“You don’t have to bow down to the woke mob,” he said.

Covington didn’t mince words with Cena, who recently apologized to the Chinese Communist Party because he promoting his movie in Taiwan.

“John Cena does play fighting, I do real fighting,” Covington said. “He takes all these steroids, he has all these fake muscles but he’s got no backbone, but he has no spine. Taiwan is their own country,” he said. “We need to fight communism. John Cena trying to toe the line to his Chinese masters is an absolute disgrace.

“If I see John Cena in a room, I will slap the taste out of his mouth.”

Plus, Covington reveals he’s working to bring a world title home to MAGA.

“We were cheated out of an election,” he said. “We got this fake scamdemic going on these people want blood and I want to bring blood to them. And I want to bring a world title back to them.

“Nobody wants to stand up for what’s right anymore,” Covington said. “I won’t sell my soul to the devil, i won’t sell my soul for money.”


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