A group of retired flag officers continued their battle cry that America is on the verge of falling to Marxism.

War Room against hosted numerous brave generals and admirals who signed onto a letter warning America must wake up to the fact we are under a communist revolution.

“We are in deep peril,” said General Joseph Arbuckle. “And unless something is done here to turn this around we are in great danger of losing our republic.”

Congressman and Brigadier General Scott Perry said the cultural attack on the military is about trying to fundamentally transform America.

“This is really about the last bastion of Constitutional defense,” he said. “The left is working very very diligently to change what America is, and they can’t have law enforcement, the military standing in the way.”

RADM Jon Bayless, U.S. Navy (RET), says between the border and energy crisis, and Marxism, America is in peril.

“We’re in an age of the death of reason and the death of common sense,” he said. “We’re in a fight for our nation. We’re the modern minutemen today.”

Gen. Arbuckel concludes that the greatest threat is now not foreign, but domestic.

“The bottom line, kind of gut punch for me is that the greatest threat to our survival as a nation is now internal,” he said. “It resides in the halls of Congress under the Democrat leadership and in the White House.

“We’re being taken over by this ideology without a shot being fired,” Gen. Arbuckle said. “The question is, how that happened and what to do about it.”

Gen. Arbuckle said the solution lies with Americans getting control of their local education system, get churches and communities involved, and make their counties sanctuaries for the First and Second amendments


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