Marxist Take Over Without a Shot Fired 

Gen. Joseph Arbuckel says the greatest threat is now not foreign, but domestic.

“The bottom line, kind of gut punch for me is that the greatest threat to our survival as a nation is now internal,” he said. “It resides in the halls of Congress under the Democrat leadership and in the White House.

“We’re being taken over by this ideology without a shot being fired,” Gen. Arbuckle said. “The question is, how that happened and what to do about it.”

Gen. Arbuckle says Americans must get control of their local education system, get churches and communities involved, and make their counties sanctuaries for the First and Second amendments

Bannon, Arbuckle, and Frank Gaffney also discuss the threat of critical race theory infiltrating the ranks. 

“You’re seeing the purge taking place,” Gaffney said.


Twitter, Take a Deep Breath 

Stephen K. Bannon rips the CCP, Fauci, and the media for covering up the origins of the virus.

“The blood will not wash off your hands,” he said. “You can say all these snarky things about Peter Navarro all you want.

“This was a weapon we know it was a weapon, it killed tons of Chinese,” Bannon said. “You can’t hide from this anymore.”

Still trending on Twitter Dr. Peter Navarro returns after accusing Dr. Fauci of being the biggest mass murderer in history — and has the receipts to back it up.

Navarro blasts the CCP for “adding fuel to this bat cave fire,” by retro-genetically engineering the virus data to make it look like it was natural.

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Daily Mail: COVID-19 ‘has NO credible natural ancestor’ and WAS created by Chinese scientists who then tried to cover their tracks

71% Unfit to Serve

Brig. Gen. Donald C. Bolduc, and candidate for U.S. senate, reveals an astounding 71 percent of eligible men and women are unfit to serve in the military today.

“They have created an environment where 71 percent of all eligible males and females in our country not being qualified — not being qualified — to serve in our nation’s military,” he said. “And that’s through education, that’s through culture, and that’s really dangerous.”

Bolduc said Americans are unfit physically, mentally, and through an anti-military sentiment.

“This is unbelievable,” Gen. Bolduc said. “And at no time in our history have we had so many people not eligible to serve in the military.” 


The Modern Minutemen

RADM Jon Bayless, U.S. Navy (RET), says between the border and energy crisis, and Marxism, America is in peril.

“We’re in an age of the death of reason and the death of common sense,” he said. “We’re in a fight for our nation. We’re the modern minute men today.”


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