A Time of Testing

Stephen K. Bannon reveals why this summer will be a time of testing, not a time for choosing.

“The implications of this are going to be profound,” Bannon said, of new information coming out on the CCP engineering the virus, through Fauci-funded gain of function. 

This summer is going to be the “valley of decision.” “And we’re going to see, this is a time of testing not a time of choosing. It has been so obvious for over a year,” he said. 

Bannon also explains why Memorial day is not about service, but about sacrifice. 

Daily Mail: COVID-19 ‘has NO credible natural ancestor’ and WAS created by Chinese scientists who then tried to cover their tracks

American Generals Speak

General Joseph Arbuckle returns and says he “couldn’t sit back and do nothing” as he saw the nation spiraling into Marxism.

“We are in deep peril,” he said. “And unless something is done here to turn this around we are in great danger of losing our republic.”

Congressman and Brigadier General Scott Perry said the attack on the military is about trying to fundamentally transform America.

“This is really about the last bastion of Constitutional defense,” he said. “The left is working very very diligently to change what America is, and they can’t have law enforcement, the military standing in the way.”

Support: FlagOfficers4America.com

Rep. Perry Urges Veterans to Get Politically Active

Brigadier General Perry says his fellow colleagues in Congress do not understand the Marxist attack to take control of the military chain of command.

“This is being done for a purpose, Rep. Perry said. “They have everything else. They have academia, they have Hollywood, they have the media, they have every other institution, they have Wall Street. But they don’t have the military yet. 

“So they’re laser focused on the military on law enforcement because that’s where the resistance to this Marxism…that’s where it will occur and they can’t have it.”

Perry urges fellow veterans to get involved and serve on school boards or run for elected office. 

“[This is a] Marxist takeover of the nation,” he said. “And the military is not exempt from that.”

Visit: Perry.House.gov 

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Gen. Bolduc Honors the 72 Who Gave Their Lives Under His Command

Gen. Arbuckle says it recently dawned on him that America has been in a fight against socialism and communism for his entire lifetime.

“And that’s more than a couple years.”

Brig. Gen. Donald C. Bolduc honors the 72 men and women who sacrificed their lives in Afghanistan under his command and blasted his state of New Hampshire for cancelling Memorial Day services.

“That sacrifice certainly deserve us not to forget,” he said. “I’m very upset with what’s going on here in New Hampshire with the cancellation of Memorial Day services.

“This is all part of undermining this great nation,” Gen. Bolduc said. “Slowly but surely removing that sacrifice from the public square just like they did with God.”

New Hampshire Cancels Memorial Day Service

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Brig. Gen. Bill Welch, U.S. Air Force (RET) explains why the Chinese Communist Party is a very concerning adversary.

Gen. Welch said every aspect of the military DIME — diplomacy, information, military, and economic elements of engagement — the CCP is “making huge advances in each one of those areas.”

“We are the best military in the world,” he said. “They are the largest military in the world.” 

“They don’t fight for freedom,” Gen. Welch said. “We fight for freedom, freedom for other people around the world. The Chinese Communist Party, they fight for control.”

The Elites Bill the Deplorables for Their Own Destruction

Bannon goes off on the elites for setting up a system in which the Deplorables underwrite their own destruction.

“We’re paying for the greatest existential threat in the world,” the CCP, he said.

“The scam is that they are central to the economic system of the world — set up by the elites in this world,” Bannon said. “It does not need to be like that.

“We have allowed it through human agency to happen,” he said. “The greatest people in the history of the world are underwriting their own destruction.” 

“What would every patriot in every patriot grave think about what we’re doing?”


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