Whistleblower and former data technician at Facebook Morgan Kahmann told War Room the Big Tech company is using its power over information as a “weapon” against the people.

“The majority of people think they’re doing a good thing,” Kahmann explained, of Facebook’s mindset in censoring vaccine hesitant content. “There’s a small group of people who know the power of this.”

“In the information age that we’re in, information is power,” Kahmann said. “And you can use it as a weapon. And that’s one of the dangers here.”

Kahmann said there are 2.7 billion people on earth who use Facebook in some form.

“So yeah, it’s a big deal,” he said.

Kahmann went public with the Big Tech company’s algorithm it uses to suppress vaccine hesitant content. Facebook is censoring any information it categorizes as negative towards the vaccines, even if it’s data from the CDC website, in order to promote the experimental vaccines.

“Right now they’re censoring vaccine hesitancy content,” he said. “But in the future this could be expanded to any topic.”

Kahmann said after Facebook suspected he was the whistleblower, they took away all his equipment and sent a security guard to escort him to the parking lot.

Even though the company is itself working to shield the public from information about the vaccines, many of its own employees are vaccine hesitant themselves.

Kahmann revealed many employees know something is not right with Facebook setting up algorithms to promote vaccines and block any true information that is negative about them.

“More vaccine hesitant conversations are going on at the water cooler,” he said. 

“I’ve heard that many many times from different departments” from different employees that something is not right.


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