The Fulton County Election Board hired two high-profile criminal defense attorneys — at taxpayer expense — to stave off the election audit.

“If you’ve stolen something and the evidence starts to come out, you start to panic,” John Fredericks told War Room, Friday. “That’s it.”

Fredericks revealed one of the lawyers hired is Donald Samuel, “the person who defended Ray Lewis, the former linebacker, on a double homicide.”

“These are tough lawyers,” Fredericks said. “They’re very high priced, and they asked for a continuance because they want to develop a strategy for” the election audit.

The audit will examine over 140,000 ballots outside Atlanta, where election workers have alleged tens of thousands of ballots were counterfeit.

“Fulton county taxpayers are now paying for these lawyers…and these lawyers are not election lawyers, they’re criminal defense lawyers,” Frederick said. “Why is Fulton County hiring two high profile defense attorneys, it just adds more suspicions.”

Real America’s Voice correspondent Heather Mullins first reported the news on War Room, Thursday evening.


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