It took Nigel Farage coming from the UK to dig into what’s really happening on the U.S. border. In Pinal County, Arizona it’s a full scale military invasion.

“A nation must control its borders and decide who comes in or it’s not a functioning nation state,” Farage said.

But what’s not being talked about is the “genuinely shocking” amounts of gang members trekking through the desert in military gear, to infiltrate the U.S.

“These are not people coming into America for free accommodation, looking for free benefits” Farage said. “These people are…trekking 60 miles through the desert, dressed in full camouflage, paying up to $8000 each to get in,” he said. “They hide by day, they march by night until they get to main roads and farms.”

Farage shared footage of the operation on his YouTube channel. Farage is traveling the U.S. for his America’s Comeback 2021 Tour, and has challenged Kamala Harris to visit the border.

“They then discard their military uniform for civilian clothes,” Farage explains. “They are picked up by criminal gangs and taken off into the drug gangs that are ruining the lives of millions of Americans. 

“Literally America is allowing the import of thousands of dangerous criminals,” he said. “They’re coming in in numbers that are simply beyond control. It is a criminal operation from start to finish. 

“However bad you thought the border crisis was,” Farage said, “what I saw as even worse.”


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