Something Is Rotten in Paradise Valley

Mark Finchem reacts to Doug Ducey’s “temper tantrum” after the Arizona governor vetoes dozens of bills, including a ban of teaching critical race theory to kids.

Finchem said Ducey is acting like a “petty dictator.”

Dr. Peter Navarro says “something is rotten in the governor’s mansion in Arizona,” and calls out Ducey for protecting the stolen election.

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Doug Ducey Vetoes 22 Bills, Says Nothing Will Be Signed Until Budget Is Approved

The Fauci Body Count

Dr. Navarro says we’re headed toward stagflation and “the people who wind up paying for this is the Deplorables.”

Navarro argues Dr. Fauci is “the biggest mass murder in history and also a serial killer.”

Navarro tallies Fauci is responsible for 13,000 deaths during AIDS epidemic; between 20,000 to 40,000 for blocking hydroxychloroquine; and millions for funding the gain of function research that created the virus.

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National Review: The Fall of Saint Fauci

Sharri Markson on Her Bombshell Fauci Report

Author and investigative journalist Sharri Markson joins War Room to reveal her bombshell report that Dr. Fauci argued the benefits of gain of function research was worth the risk of a pandemic it could cause.

Markson also reports it is “utterly false” that the NIH didn’t fund gain of function research in Wuhan.

“It’s there in black and white,” she said. “What he said to Rand Paul is false.”

Fauci Argued Benefits of Gain-of-Function Research Outweighed Pandemic Risk in 2012 Paper

Pre-order: What really happened in Wuhan by Sharri Markson

Populism is the Future

Jack Francis, YouTuber and founder of Red Eagle Politics, analyzes Paul Ryan’s pathetic speech at the Reagan library.

Francis says Ryan was “the number one inhibitor to the Trump agenda while Trump was in office.”

“So it’s really no surprise that he bashed Trump and Trump supporters,” he said. “Donald Trump and Trumpism is the future.”

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Red Eagle Politics


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