Dr. Peter Navarro told War Room’s Stephen K. Bannon the establishment is worried because they know the election was stolen from Donald J. Trump.

“They’re worried, Steve,” he said, Thursday. “And they should be because this was a stolen election.” 

Navarro, who revealed how states were stolen in his three volume Navarro Report, reacted to Rachel Maddow’s ongoing meltdown over the slew of election audits coming to other states beyond Arizona.

He said the Democrat strategy to steal the 2020 election involved flooding the zone with mail-in ballots and simultaneously stripping away their security measures.

“Here’s my Anna Karenina line,” Navarro said. “Every state was stolen in a different way.”

Navarro suggests each state go through his reports to identify where to look for the overwhelming fraud from mail-in ballots, ghost voters, dead voters, and illegal ballots that were counted outside the bounds of their state’s Constitution.


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