America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani says it’s likely the Biden Justice Department will try to intervene to block the Arizona audit from concluding. And that will be a bigger admission of their guilt.

“They have something to hide,” he told War Room, Thursday. “They’ve been fighting any investigation of the ballots, any examination of who voted, and any examination of the machines.

“If the Biden regime goes in with the Justice Department in a heavy way,” Giuliani said, “then we know it’s even bigger than we think.”

The Biden regime sent a threatening letter over the Maricopa County audit, trying to intimidate the State senate from canvassing the vote to ensure ballots were legal.

“That’s what they’re asking states to do, just bury it,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani also said Doug Ducey and Brian Kemp were the two biggest nemesis against election integrity after Nov. 3.

“Both legislatures [in Arizona and Georgia] would have voted to rescind if it wasn’t for [Ducey and Kemp],” Giuliani said.

“Kemp was actively involved in lobbying against giving us a hearing,” he said. “Plus they were behind not giving us a single piece of evidence. No ballots, no machines, why would you hide that if you said in Atlanta you had a perfect election?” 


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