MTG Sounds Off on Deranged Biden Jamming Through Socialism

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joins War Room live ahead of her rally with Matt Gaetz in Dalton, Georgia.

Greene responded to the $6 trillion budget proposal from the Biden regime, calling it “big fat socialism.”

Democrats are trying to ram through socialism before America realizes what’s going on, she said. 

Plus, Greene explains why “deranged” JoeBiden is the most dangerous person to ever sit in the White House, and how death taxes and capital gains will crush Americans small businesses and family farms.


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Fulton County Election Board Lawyers Up

Raheem Kassam reports live from the Dalton convention center ahead of the America First rally.

Heather Mullins, of Real America’s Voice, reveals breaking news on the Fulton County election audit: the election board has lawyered up.

Not only that, the election officials hired top criminal attorneys, including Ray Lewis’s attorney, who got him off of a double murder charge.

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You Don’t Autopsy Something Alive

Matt Gaetz joins War Room live ahead of the rally, and sounds off on Paul Ryan’s speech tonight at the Reagan library, where he will rip populism and falsely claim the MAGA movement is a cult of personality.

“You don’t do an autopsy on something that is alive,” Gaetz said. “America First is a red blooded living thing.” 

Ryan says it is a “cult of personality” “just because Paul Ryan has no personality,” Gaetz said. 

“This is a gutless coward,” Bannon said. “And if we had left it to Paul Ryan in ‘16 we wouldn’t have won.”

“Paul Ryan is a path to losing for the Republican Party,” Gaetz said.

Plus, Gaetz explains why if President Trump decided to stay in the swamps of Florida instead of running again, he could be the candidate to whip Joe Biden.

Paul Ryan to say in Reagan library that Republicans are at a crossroads and must choose between populism and principle


Never Trump’s Reagan Cult of Personality

Saurabh Sharma, president of American Moment, responds to the extremely irritating Paul Ryan and his speech tonight at the Reagan library.

“They’re making a cult of personality out of Ronald Reagan when they complain that we do the same about Donald Trump,” Sharma points out.

But the real problem for people like Ryan: his ideas are unpopular and President Trump threatens the elites’ “income and power structure.”



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