Will the Biden Regime Intervene in Arizona?

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani says it’s likely the Biden Justice Department will try to intervene and block the Arizona audit from concluding. That will be a bigger admission of their guilt.

“They have something to hide,” he said. “They’ve been fighting any investigation of the ballots, any examination of who voted, and any examination of the machines.

“If the Biden regime goes in with the Justice Department in a heavy way,” Giuliani said, “then we know it’s even bigger than we think.”

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Every State Was Stolen a Different Way

Dr. Peter Navarro recaps the Democrat strategy to steal the 2020 election: flooding the zone with mail-in ballots and simultaneously stripping away their security measures.

“Here’s my Anna Karenina line,” Navarro said. “Every state was stolen in a different way.”

Rachel Maddow is apoplectic: 2020 election audits a ‘runaway train’ without Biden DOJ intervention

Bleed Biden Out

Stephen K. Bannon explains the buried lede of the New York Times report on Biden’s $6 trillion “infrastructure” plan, which is really more like $11 trillion. It would take us to the most debt in American history, and exceed GDP by 117 percent.

“That is printing money this is an entirely different deal,” he said. “This ties back to Arizona. 

“To save this republic we have to bleed him out now,” Bannon said of the illegitimate Biden. “If they pass this, even the concept of this is so radical. The spending itself is so incomprehensible.”

And the “feckless weak no courage” GOP opposition is nowhere in sight.

NYT: Biden to Propose $6 Trillion Budget to Boost Middle Class and Infrastructure

China Owes Us $20 Trillion

Bannon explains why Washington is finally talking about holding China accountable economically for the CCP virus.

Dr. Peter Navarro traces how China weaponized the virus by closing down its own borders, but opening travel up to the world (while hoarding medical supplies.) Navarro calculated the true cost of the CCP weaponizing the virus.

“The cost of what China did to us is north of a year of GDP: $20 trillion,” Navarro said. “The virus from the Wuhan lab paid for by Tony Fauci.”

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Tipping Point

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from the border in Del Rio, where the situation is out of control.

“It’s the worst I’ve ever seen it,” Bergquam said. 

Bergquam shared exclusive footage, which shows shocking amounts of illegal aliens crossing the border in broad daylight.

“There is nothing stopping the invasion that’s coming,” Bergquam said.

Mike Miller, the rancher and founder of Warriors for Ranchers, reports ranchers are desperate for help and feeling hopeless.

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