The Headquarters of the Runaway Train

Stephen K. Bannon explains how the Wuhan lab and the stolen election are starting to be intertwined and Rachel Maddow is not happy about it. Maddow melted down Wednesday evening saying election audits are now a “runaway train.”

Veteran and warrior Sean Parnell reveals Google is blocking his campaign website from searches from his name — in a bid to hurt his campaign for U.S. senate.

“Google shut down the algorithm on my website and now you can’t find me on Google,” he said. “You can’t find my website. It’s hard to raise money.”

“At the end of the day, I know I’m over the target,” Parnell said. “I know the radical left fears me.”

Parnell also said China must be held accountable for the virus, and Fauci shouldn’t have a job. Plus, Parnell reiterated his support for an audit in Pennsylvania to give the people trust in elections again.

“To be brutally frank, you should be in Congress now,” Bannon said. “Sean Parnell won.”


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Rachel Maddow is apoplectic: 2020 election audits a ‘runaway train’ without Biden DOJ intervention

“Fauci Who?”

Boris Epshteyn explains the Biden White House comms response to the walls closing in on Dr. Fauci: “Fauci who?”

“He’s on an island with no air cover,” he said. “Nobody wants to stand up for him. I give the over/under for when he ‘retires’ at two weeks.”

Bannon explains the misdirection play by Big Media from the fact that the virus is “man-enhanced” through gain of function.

Plus, Bannon responds to an October 2020 CNN report claiming Bannon’s covid-19 origin theory “unraveled.”

“You’re running dogs for the Chinese Communist Party,” Bannon said. “How much blood is on your hands that will never wash off?”

Kennedy corners Fauci on ‘gain of function’ lies…

Whoops, CNN: Oct 2020 “How a Covid-19 Origin Theory Backed by Bannon Unraveled”

Rachel Maddow’s Anna Karenina Moment

Boris Epshteyn reacts to Rachel Maddow stealing his metaphor that the freight train of election audits is coming.

“Hear me loud and clear, the freight train is not going to be stopped,” he said.

“Rachel maddow is lost, you can see in her eyes she is completely despondent,” Epshteyn said. “This is a little bit of an Anna Karenina moment to go with the train track metaphor, OK? It is bad.”

“Only a Russian could pull that off,” Bannon said.

“Eric Swalwell take it easy. I moved here when I was 11,” Epshteyn added.

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Recounting Fraudulent Ballots 

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani says for the first time he agrees with Rachel Maddow on election audits.

“Indeed the train has left the station,” he said. 

Giuliani said Doug Ducey has “a lot to answer for.” “He definitely certified an election that he knew was false.”

The recounts in Arizona merely recounted fraudulent ballots, of which between 30,000 and 80,000 were cast by illegal aliens, giuliani said.

Sean Hannity sits with Doug Ducey, doesn’t ask about election fraud

The Biggest Nemeses of Election Integrity 

Rudy Giuliani says Doug Ducey and Brian Kemp were the two biggest nemesis against election integrity.

“Both legislatures would have voted to rescind if it wasn’t for [Ducey and Kemp],” Giuliani said.

“Kemp was actively involved in lobbying against giving us a hearing,” he said. “Plus they were behind not giving us a single piece of evidence. No ballots, no machines, why would you hide that if you said in Atlanta you had a perfect election?” 



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