Actress Samaire Armstrong returns to War Room for an update on her fight against masks in schools in Arizona.

The actress says, “I got more notoriety from being on War Room than from being on any of the television shows I have been on.”

Parents “are done” with the masks, Armstrong said, and running to replace school board members who have put politics over kids’ well-being. 

“It’s mask choice or they don’t come,” she said.

Armstrong said parents are so galvanized against masks that there is no way they will accept a vaccine mandate, either.

“The Scottsdale district said they will not enforce vaccines, there is ‘no intention’ of mandating vaccines,” she said. “I don’t see how they can possibly do that, they’d have so much trouble on their hands. There’s just no way. Parents won’t do it.”

Armstrong added if there was one thing she could ask Gov. Doug Ducey it would be, “Is he getting pressure or is he just really a coward?”

“Why can’t he make definitive choices and stand up for the people he represents,” Armstrong said. “That’s my question. That’s actually my son’s question as well.” 


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