Mike Lindell will confront Doug Ducey and Brian Kemp in person about election fraud.

The two governors are hosting a meeting on voter integrity, despite their actions to allow their states to be riddled with voter fraud. Lindell is also attending the meeting Tuesday evening.

“I hope I get [Kemp] one-on-one tonight and say why?” Lindell told War Room. “Maybe the time is right they can get a little saving grace to get behind your state now and get your machines uncovered, and get these dominoes falling.”

Lindell said Ducey “certainly had enough evidence” of election fraud and blasted Ducey for on the same day a hearing presented over 10 hours of evidence, announcing, ‘Yep, it was a good election.’”

“Kemp is even worse,” Lindell said. “He did everything he could to block Georgia from getting audited. And then he comes out and says now we want election integrity let’s talk about the mail-in voting.”

“Brian, why don’t you talk about the machines?” Lindell said. “He’s hiding something, there’s no logical sense to it.”


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