Greitens Gives the Big Picture of the Attacks Against Israel

Eric Greitens, senate candidate and former SEAL, contrasts peace in the Middle East under President Trump and chaos under Biden.

Greitens gives the bigger picture of the left’s attacks against Israel.  

“The very idea of nations is rooted in the Hebrew Bible,” he said. “And the left is wanting to attack the idea of nation states.”

“The idea of a God-given law, again where does that come from?” Greitens asked. “That is why they are assaulting and attacking Israel. The American Republic tradition…all of those are foundational to our Constitution. 

“It’s not just the nation of Israel this is actually their attack on the idea of nation and law.” 


‘The Hamas Caucus’

Josh Mandel, candidate for U.S. senate in Ohio, rips Kevin McCarthy for virtue signaling to Big Media rather than discussing the real problem: the “Hamas caucus” in the Democrat Congress.

“What McCarthy did today, he took the misdirection and he focused the media on the Republican instead of focusing the media on the real bigots, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and the rest of the Hamas caucus,” Mandel said.

Plus, Mandel tells the powerful story of how his grandparents survived the Holocaust with the helf of American troops and Italian Christians.


The Spox for Hamas

Jeff Bartos, candidate for U.S. senate in Pennsylvania, gives his assessment of the anti-Semitic attacks.

“Democrats are normalizing Jew hatred,” he said.

“I don’t even refer to Ilhan Omar as a congresswoman anymore,” Bartos said. “She’s the spokesperson for Hamas.”


Wayne Allyn Root Warns of Communist Takeover in US

Wayne Allyn Root puts the commies on notice and says, “It’s time for tough Jews and time for tough Christians to stand up to this crap.”

Root sees where the Jew hatred is going and it’s not going to end well, warning America is on the heels of a communist takeover.

“This isn’t just about Jews and Israel, this is about a communist Marxist takeover of the United States of American,” he said. “Every country that ever went communist, the first thing they do is they scapegoat someone. And they always scapegoat the Jews.

“The second thing they do is steal the assets.

“The third thing they will do is arrest people for speaking out.

“The fourth thing they will do is firing squads.” 

“[Jews] will literally be first on the firing line when the communists take over and that’s what’s coming in this country,” Root said. “Forget about Jew hatred in 1938. What I see is a Marxist communist takeover in the USA. 

“This isn’t, quote unquote, Democrats,” he said. “These are dyed-in-the-wool Marxists who are trying to destroy this country.” 

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