This is Not a Lab Leak

Stephen K. Bannon explains why there is blood on CNN’s hands for not reporting on the Wuhan lab for more than a year.

“This is not a lab leak,” he said. “This is a man-enhanced gain of function weaponization of the viruses they were doing and everybody knew about it. What we’ve got to stop pretending.”

“Stop pretending CNN,” Bannon said. “Every hedge fund knows the thing was stolen. Let’s have a frank conversation about the facts.”

Liberal media’s dramatic flip-flop! A year after left-wing news TRASHED theory that COVID originated from a Wuhan lab when Trump supported the suggestion – outlets now throw their SUPPORT behind the idea

Smoking Gun on the Other Wuhan Lab

Dr. Lawrence Sellin, COVID-19 subject matter expert and Colonel U.S. Army reserve, reveals the smoking guns for why the most likely source of the virus was another institute in Wuhan: the animal lab.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology was not conducting experiments on animal primates in 2019, but the level 3 facility the Wuhan University Animal Laboratory was.

“There’s another Wuhan Institute of Virology facility in the center of Wuhan and this is not level 4 it’s a level 3 facility,” he said.

“The only place to do those monkey studies was the Wuhan animal laboratory,” Sellin said.

The monkey experiments manipulated the two bat coronavirus that was the backbone of Covid-19. The experiments were conducted by head researcher Chao Shan — at the animal lab, which was even less secure than the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Is Wuhan University’s Animal Laboratory the Origin of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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America’s Comeback Goes to the Border

Nigel Farage previews his next rally for America’s Comeback and gives his assessment of the Maricopa County election audit.

“Please don’t be down,” he tells America. “Please fight back.”

Plus, Farage breaks news and announces he is visiting the U.S. border to talk about the importance of sovereignty.


Armstrong Returns 

Samaire Armstrong returns for an update on the fight against masks in schools in Arizona.

The actress says, “I got more notoriety from being on War Room than from being on any of the television shows I have been on.”

Parents “are done” with the masks, and running to replace school board members who have put politics over kids’ well-being. 

“It’s mask choice or they don’t come,” she said.

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Give Raheem a Break

Raheem Kassam goes off on the left for their hypocrisy on anti-Semitism. While they foment attacks on Jews in the streets, they feign outrage about a Nazi analogy from Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“You can accuse Marjorie Taylor Greene of being hyperbolic, but you can’t accuse Marjorie Taylor Greene of doing anything like what the left have done to foment the attacks against Jews in the streets,” he said.

“In my home city there are people of second generation immigrant backgrounds waving Palestinian flags in the streets shouting, ‘Rape the Jews and their daughters,” Kassam said. “That is a direct results of what Jeremy Corbin and Diane Abbott and their counterparts here in the U.S, have foist upon American Jews and the Jewry across the Western world.”

“Look at whats happening in Germany, look at what’s happening in France,” he said. “Physical violent attacks, beheadings in synagogues. Look at who those people are.

“And I’m supposed to be worried that Marjorie Taylor Greene made a somewhat clumsy comparison of last century’s authoritarianism as we knew it?” Kassam said. “Give me a break.” 


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