The Rats Are Now Cornered

Stephen K. Bannon reacts to Big Media finally covering what War Room covered on Jan. 25, 2020: the virus coming from the Wuhan lab.

Bannon also explains the ground game vs. the air game in the fight to get to the bottom of Nov. 3. 

The air game comes from Mike Lindell, who reacts to the voter integrity meeting led by…Doug Ducey and Brian Kemp — who let their states be stolen.

Lindell will confront Ducey and Kemp at the meeting.

“I hope I get [Kemp] one on one tonight and say why?” he said. “Maybe the time is right they can get a little saving grace to get behind your state now and get your machines uncovered, and get these dominoes falling.”

Lindell said we are in a race against time, because “every day that goes by the CCP and the Democrat Party are destroying our country right now as we speak.”


WATCH: Steve Bannon’s War Room talked about COVID 19 being manufactured in a Chinese lab on…. January 25, 2020

Mike Lindell’s Royal Flush

Mike Lindell explains how he gets his “Royal Flush” of evidence before the Supreme Court by  July.

“It happened in every state, Steve,” he said. “We’re getting these Attorney Generals on board, when they’re on board then the lawyers right now are writing up the case as we speak.

“Then in 5 or 6 weeks, we take it to the Supreme Court, we set it on their doorstep,” Lindell said. “If they accept it, which they will, they will vote 9-0 because it’s so obvious. And you can’t lie.”

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Twitter is a State Actor

Dr. Shiva gives an update on his legal fight against Twitter, which is now historically showing the U.S. government is using Twitter to suppress speech of political opponents.

Shiva, who was kicked off of Twitter for exposing government officials’ corruption while he was running for office, said he has proven in court Twitter is a “state actor.”

“In testimony we showed that the government has a trusted Twitter partnership, a special portal that they can report on U.S. citizens when they expose violations of law by government officials,” he said.

There is even a manual called “The Election Influence Operations Playbook” for how to silence political dissidents.


That’s the Sound of Kowtowing

War Room reacts to John Cena’s “disgusting” groveling to the Chinese Communist Party, apologizing for saying the new Fast and Furious movie would premiere in Taiwan.

“We’re a tributary state,” Bannon said. “The CCP, the transnational criminal organization. Here’s how they treat us as a tributary state.”

Plus, Bannon reveals the media’s “misdirection play” on the Wuhan lab.

John Cena grovels to the Chinese Communist Party


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