Dr. Lawrence Sellin, COVID-19 subject matter expert and Colonel U.S. Army reserve, reveals a massive bombshell: Chinese Communist Party researchers infiltrated USAMRIID, America’s top bioweapons lab.

“The People’s Liberation Army has always been interested in infiltrating USAMRIID, but it was hard to do,” Sellin told War Room, Monday. “So what they did starting in the Clinton administration was attack the underbelly of Fort Detrick which is the [NIH’s] National Cancer Institute.”

Dr. Sellin reveals CCP scientists infiltrated the Frederick cancer center and immediately “switched from cancer and started working on dangerous viruses…collaborating with scientists inside China.”

Sellin named one of these CCP researchers as Kevin Zeng, who is not an employee of the U.S. counter bioweapons lab at Ft. Detrick.

How did this happen?

“It’s because there’s no national security accountability,” Sellin said of the NIH. “They couldn’t immediately get into USAMRIID, so they started coming into the Frederick cancer research center…which is a walking distance from USAMRIID.”

Sellin said Dr. Fauci is “toast” given all his connections to the Chinese communist regime and research into weaponizing viruses.

“He was not just involved in gain of function research,” Sellin said. “He’s also involved in funding all the other programs in the United States that have links not only to to Chinese virus research programs but through them connections to the People’s Liberation Army. 

“[Fauci] also was involved early on in the effort by some U.S.-based scientists, Peter Daszak, for example, to actually suppress any discussion of the laboratory origin of covid-19,” he said.

“This was done very early on before anyone could possibly know its origins, January or early February 2020,” Sellin said.

“Now he’s getting caught up in it the rat caught in the cage, as you said,” he said. 


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