Mark Finchem says Big Media’s meltdown over the Maricopa County election audit is the worst he’s seen since Chernobyl.

“The fact that Politico has gone into pure meltdown, they’re either afraid of what they don’t know, or they’re afraid of what they know,” he said.

Finchem reacted to the Politico screed against patriotic Americans who are running for secretary of state to fix the disasters that happened on Nov. 3 and the days that followed.

Finchem said the people of Arizona and every other state have the right to take a closer look at their elections.

“It’s not [board of supervisor] Bill Gate’s election,” Finchem said. “This is not Politico’s election. This is the people’s election.”

“They have every right to scrutinize everything that they have a question about,” he said. 


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