Boris Epshteyn and Peter Navarro analyze the ongoing meltdown over the Maricopa County election audit, this time featuring A.B. Stoddard.

Epshteyn says MSNBC should change its name to “Meltdown-SNBC” and “Edward R. Murrow is very sad somewhere,” after Stoddard’s analysis that the Maricopa audit is a “load of crap.”

“They’re defending the indefensible,” Navarro said, comparing Stoddard’s defense of the stolen election to walking out of a strip club and treating it like it was Sunday church service.

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‘We’re Going to Find the Truth’

Garland Favorito gives an update on the Fulton County audit.

“We’re going to get it done,” said Favorito, who heads a nonpartisan voter group and did not vote for Trump.

The cofounder of Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia says Brad Raffensperger is lying, and there are at least four violations of election law on the video of ballots being counted from under tables at the State Farm Arena.

“We’re going to find the truth,” said Favorito. “And we’re not going to stop until we know what the results really were.”


It’s the Cesspool State, Not the Peach State

Epshteyn explains why the Fulton County audit is bad not just for Democrats, but for the uniparty, and RINOs.

Navarro reveals why Georgia is a cesspool of election fraud. Plus, Navarro says the buried lede is Republicans should have three more senate seats, due to fraudulent straight-ticket sham ballots.

Fauci on His Way Out?

Epshteyn explains why Dr. Fauci is a PR nightmare, from a comms perspective. Navarro predicts the father of the virus Dr. Fauci will be gone within 90 days.

“My point is, this man is a sociopath,” Navarro said.



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