The State of the MAGA Movement

Jack Francis, YouTuber and founder of Red Eagle Politics, gives his assessment of the state of the MAGA movement.

It’s “going to make the Tea Party look like an actual tea party by comparison,” he said.

Francis says while Democrats “have become the party of the elite, Republicans have to become the party of the American worker.”

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Red Eagle Politics

‘The Nation is in Deep Peril’

General Joseph Arbuckle joins War Room and explains how he helped organize the letters by retired generals and admirals who are warning America is on the path to Marxism.

“I became increasingly concerned about what was going on after the inauguration,” gen. Arbuckle said. “Where we were running down that road towards socialism and Marxism.”

“The nation is in deep peril,” he said. “Instead of upholding our Constitution and all it represents we’re doing the opposite.”

Plus, Gen. Arbuckle explains how cultural Marxism is hurting active duty and enlistments in the military, and how you can support the fight against this dangerous ideology.


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Rat in a Trap

Jim Hoft, of the Gateway Pundit, reveals why Dr. Fauci is now the rat in a trap.

After Fauci’s disastrous interview with Politifact, Fauci is now admitting he lied to Congress.

“He actually switches his answer, at first he says it’s preposterous,” Hoft said, of Sen. Rand Paul’s assertion that Fauci funded gain of function research in Wuhan.

“Then 20 seconds later he says, ‘Well, yeah we funded these laboratories, and we did it through contractors,’ which is everything Rand Paul accused him of in a hearing,” Hoft said.

“Obviously Dr. Fauci is not held to account when he lies before Congress,” he said.


Wuhan lab staff sought care before pandemic: WSJ

Jamie Metzl discusses Covid origins on Maria Bartiromo

CCP Scientists Inside America’s Bioweapons Lab

Dr. Lawrence Sellin, COVID-19 subject matter expert and Colonel U.S. Army reserve, reveals a massive bombshell: Chinese Communist Party researchers infiltrated USAMRIID, America’s top bioweapons lab.

“The People’s Liberation Army has always been interested in infiltrating USAMRIID, but it was hard to do,” Sellin said. “So what they did starting in the Clinton administration was attack the underbelly of Fort Detrick which is the [NIH’s] National Cancer Institute.”

Dr. Sellin reveals CCP scientists infiltrated the Frederick cancer center and immediately “switched from cancer and started working on dangerous viruses…collaborating with scientists inside China.”

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