‘They Stole It On So Many Levels’

Stephen K. Bannon gives an update on the ongoing meltdown by Big Media over patriots getting to the bottom of Nov. 3.

“They’re in complete and full meltdown,” he said. “The power of the Deplorables on full display over the last weekend and now leading into this week. 

“They stole it on so many different levels and we’re going to show everything they did,” Bannon said.

Radio host John Fredericks explains what the Fulton County election audit entails, including looking at potential counterfeit ballots. 

Frederick reveals an analysis of 950 military mail-in ballots in Georgia shows 950 — 100 percent — went to Joe Biden.

“That is virtually impossible,” he said. “Not only that they were in sequential order. How is that possible?” 

People Are Going to Jail

John Fredericks explains the gravity of the Fulton County audit, and the “intense pressure” for Brian Kemp to call a special session of the Georgia legislature, given his challenge from Vernon Jones.

“They’re looking to expose counterfeit ballots,” said Fredericks. “You can’t get away from this. 

People are going to jail. That’s how big this is, the election is going to get decertified.” 

The Walls Are Closing in on These Scumbags’

Matt Braynard, executive director of Look Ahead America, explains why he’s close to suing Brad Raffensberger.

Braynard sent a letter demanding his office secure all records related to the phone call with President Trump where Raffensberger claimed Braynard gave his a “list” of dead voters.

“We had never sent him a list,” he said. “His claim was incredibly defamatory, we never gave him a list of dead voters.”

Braynard explains how his group did find potentially 12,000 illegally cast ballots in Georgia using LinkedIn profiles, drivers’ license databases, and property records. 

“There were three other categories that we didn’t have the ability to analyze but the Secretary of State does,” he said. “We would find many more without a doubt. It’s beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“The walls are closing in on these are scumbags,” said Bannon. “That’s what they are.”

Visit: LookAheadAmerica.org

Read Braynard’s letter to Raffensberger.

Worst Meltdown Since Chernobyl

Mark Finchem says Big Media’s meltdown is the worst he’s seen since Chernobyl.

“The fact that Politico has gone into pure meltdown, they’re either afraid of what they don’t know, or they’re afraid of what they know,” he said.

“It’s not [board of supervisor] Bill Gate’s election,” Finchem said. “This is not Politico’s election. This is the people’s election.”

“They have every right to scrutinize everything that they have a question about,” he said. 

Politico is nervous: ‘Trump supporters who back his claim that the 2020 vote was rigged are running to become the top election officials in key states’

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Grassroots Phenomenon in Arizona

Raheem Kassam reports back from his trip to Arizona, where a grassroots phenomenon is underway.

“I was mobbed by people chanting War Room,” he said. “It tells you the power of this thing, it tells you the power of the people right now.”

“They are not taking their shoulder off the wheel,” Kassam said. “That’s always something you’re worried about. Are they depressed, are they dejected…are they relenting, are they being beaten back?”

“I can report today from Arizona, no such thing is happening.”


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