Pastor Stephen Broden told War Room Marxism has infiltrated the black community and must be stopped.

“There is an authentic threat to our liberties and our freedoms through Marxism and communism that is coming into our community,” Broden said.

Broden said in order to fight cultural Marxism, Americans must use the biggest influence they have in the black community: the church.

“What Donald Trump did is open the door for black women and black men to join the patriotic movement,” he said. “Now we need to inform them and educate them as to why it is this threat is here, how cultural Marxism..has come into our community and coopted our issues.

“How we can inform them through truth and push back,”  

Broded founded the Content of Character series to fight the Democrat Party’s stranglehold on the black community by restoring Constitutional values.

“It’s time for us to break that,” he said. Through education, Broden says Americans can “push back against this deliberate attempt to rob us of our liberty and rescue our nation from these knuckleheads.” 


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