They Are Losing

Stephen K. Bannon explains why Joe Biden is “bleeding out political capital”: we’re getting to the bottom of Nov. 3.

“There’s not going to be any D.C. statehood, there’s not going to be 50 justices on the Supreme Court,” Bannon said. “They are losing it because of you. You are the new force in American politics.”

6 Months After the Election is Not Enough Time

Michael Patrick Leahy, of Star News, gives an update on ballot chain of custody — or lack thereof — in Georgia.

Now that a judge ruled 145,000 mail-in ballots can be scrutinized in Fulton County, the problem is how are the ballots getting there to be counted?

Fulton County is already missing chain of custody documents for over 18,000 ballots. And now, Leahy says, Fulton says they need “more time” to produce them — six months after the election.

Six Months After the Election, Fulton County Says ‘More Time Is Needed’ to Produce Complete Chain of Custody Documents for Absentee Ballots Deposited in Drop Boxes

Spirit in Mesa, Arizona

Raheem Kassam reports live from Mesa, Arizona fresh off the America First Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene rally attended by 3,500 people.

Kassam says he say many fans of the War Room, and “must’ve taken a hundred selfies out there.”

“For all the problems…people are optimistic,” Kassam said. “They are fired up. They have no shame about their patriotism. And what’s amazing about being out here, nobody wears a mask.

“Not just at the rally, at a store, in a car…wherever you are. They’re done with it.”

“There’s a spirit out here,” he said. People are “taking pride in the fact that they’re state is not behaving like Washington, D.C. is behaving and they are finding their identities again.”

Watch: The Mesa America First Rally

Freedom Tour Marches On

Ben Bergquam reports live from the Real America’s Voice Save America Freedom tour, and previews the tour’s special at 7 p.m. Saturday.

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