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Stephen K. Bannon recaps the ongoing meltdown over audits that actually check the ballots and machines.

Pastor Stephen Broden explains his Content of Character series, pushing back against the Democrat Party’s stranglehold on the black community to restore Constitutional values.

“It’s time for us to break that,” he said. Through education, Broden says Americans can “push back against this deliberate attempt to rob us of our liberty and rescue our nation from these knuckleheads.” 

Katie Hobbs meltdown: Says machines can now not be used because they were examined

VIDEO – Scarborough Screams at Trump Fans: If You Don’t Agree Election Was Fair, ‘Just Leave the Country’


No Lies Are Perfect

Whistleblower and War Room 2020 Woman of the Year Dr. Yan Li-Meng joins War Room after Big Media outlets had to retract its smear against her and the Wuhan lab theory.

“I’m happy to see that more and more facts have been verified and realize it came from the lab,” she said. “It came from the Chinese Communist Party.”

“No lies are perfect, and this can be fundamentally verified by independent sources,” Dr. Yan said. 

Dr. Yan said she would be happy to testify in hearings on Capitol Hill to expose the CCP, the Wuhan lab, and Dr. Fauci.

“People can see who is lying and who really has evidence,” she said. 

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PolitiFact retracts Wuhan lab theory ‘fact-check’

Watch: Dr. Yan’s interview with Tucker Carlson

‘No matter how many smears and attacks we have suffered from CCP’s misinformation campaign, facts speak louder than words!’

Fighting the Reid-Soros Machine

Jim Marchant says he’s running for secretary of state of Nevada to combat the Harry Reid-George Soros corrupt massive machine.

“I’ve been fighting voter fraud in Nevada since 2010,” said Marchant, who had an election stolen from him.

“We have huge problems out here,” he said. “There’s massive corruption out here and we’ve got to fight it.” 

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It’s California, It Can’t Be Logical

Filmmaker John Spiropoulos gives an update on the moms who are fighting back in California against teachers’ unions tyranny and digital vaccine passports. Los Angeles County is still talking about a hybrid format — half in-person, half virtual — next school year.

“These kids in LA, thousands of them are behind,” he said. “They have maybe 10,000 students who won’t graduate.”

Plus, Spriopoulos reveals how YouTube censored him for exposing widespread opposition to California’s digital vaccine passports.

“To go to the supermarket or the doctor, to go get donuts in the morning, you’d have to wave your smartphone” to know if you’ve been vaccinated.

“People out here are enraged about this,” Spiropoulos said. “Nobody wants to go back to show me your papers.

“That’s what it is.” 

Visit: LetsRollAmerica.Us

Watch the banned report on vaccine passport protest


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