Arizona State representative Mark Finchem says what the uniparty really fears the forensic audit: the ballots and the machines aren’t going to match.

“They are scared to death of the actual physical ballot count,” he said. “We now have a clue into what it is that most terrifies them. And that is the physical ballot count number. 

“When it’s ultimately done compared to what Dominion put on their machines,” Finchem said.

Former Trump 2020 campaign advisor Boris Epshteyn said the “freight train” of audits are not going to stop with Arizona.

“The freight train of truth is coming across the country,” he said. 

“This show has been driving this from day one and now here we are, look at the deficiencies found,” Epshteyn said.

With only a fifth of the way through the audit, ballot batches have been off by over 17 percent, and auditors discovered Maricopa County deleted the tallying database, which has since been recovered.

“Mark Finchem, Sonny Borrelli, Karen Fann [are] American heroes for withstanding the assault from the left, the uniparty, making it known that this election was a disaster,” Epshteyn said.


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