U.S. senate candidate in Ohio Josh Mandel says he is the only man in the race who has the guts to say the election was stolen from President Trump.

“I am the only candidate in Ohio who gets up and has the guts to say this election was stolen from Donald J. Trump,” he told War Room, Friday.

The treasurer, state representative of Ohio’s 17th district and combat Marine, says the real battle is not against the left, but within the GOP.

“The bigger fight is for the soul of the conservative movement,” Mandel said. “We don’t need country club Republicans like the Mitt Romneys and all his disciples. They like to talk about civility and bipartisanship. That is the opposite of what we need.

“We need fighters,” he said. “Fighters who will fight for an audit in Arizona. Fighters who will go to Washington take on these squishy establishment elitists who care more about getting invited to the cocktail parties than they do the Constitution and the America First agenda.”

Mandel said Ohio is sitting on a “gold mine” of jobs in energy, and said Republicans cannot just move on from Nov. 3.

“We should audit Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania [where] they moved the goalposts with 2 minutes left in the game,” he said. “We’ve got Republicans saying, ‘Can’t we just move on?’ No. If we let the left get away with it, they will keep pounding us.”

“When Republicans are in control we act like wimps,” Mandel said. “When Democrats are in control they exercise it. We need Republicans to exercise it.”


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