Jeff Bartos, businessman and Republican candidate for senate, told War Room he supports a full forensic election audit in Pennsylvania.

“We need a full forensic audit in all the states where we had issues,” he said, Friday. “And Pennsylvania certainly had issues.”

Bartos said he is running for senate to “save main street Pennsylvania,” to beat China, and to save the American Dream.

He said the state can once again be a beacon of liberty and the place where America is saved.

“Whoever the Democrat [candidate] is, they’re going to have to answer for a year of lockdowns, destroyed businesses, school children unable to learn, parents unable to live their lives, dreams crushed, unable to go to church, unable to go to synagogue,” Bartos said.

“Pennsylvania is the birthplace of American liberty,” he said. “We will talk about 1776, 1863, and 2022 as the restoration not only of Pennsylvania liberty and freedom, but American freedom.”


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