Nobody Can Deplatform a Rally

Matt Gaetz joins live from Mesa, Arizona ahead of another America First rally with Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kelly Ward, and Andy Biggs.

Gaetz reacts to Joe Scarborough’s meltdown to those who want election integrity to “love it or leave it.”

“That’s what Northwest Florida said to Joe Scarborough and he left,” Gaetz notes.

Gaetz promises more audits to come, to make sure ballots are “tied to an actual person.”

“We leave Democracy undefended when we do not do everything possible to protect election integrity,” he said.

“We’re not stopping in Arizona,” Gaetz said. “If we show systemic fraud here that was likely replicated in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan.

“We’re going to take this audit process there, and we hope to find courageous legislators to stand up against the misinformation from the likes of Joe Scarborough,” he said. 


Right Over the Target

Mike Lindell returns and reacts to Scarborough’s melt down.

“He’s delusional,” Lindell said. “He obviously should go to the Lindell Recovery Network and get help.”

Lindell praised the patriots in Arizona, and says the unhinged attacks reveal you’re “right over the target.”

“Obviously we’re getting real close,” he said. “They knew this election was stolen, I think it’s great they’re starting to melt down.”


Audit Coming to Fulton County 

John Fredericks, host of Outside the Beltway, breaks down a judge’s ruling that 140,000 mail-in ballots in Fulton County will be scrutinized in an audit.

“Their heads will blow off,” Fredericks says of the uniparty, if allegations of 30,000 counterfeit mail-in ballots is proven true.

The audit will specifically examine over 140,000 in Fulton County.

The Big Lies Are All Connected

Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, says the one thing “our corrupt, dysfunctional, and illegitimate overlords hate the most it’s transparency.”

Beattie says the Big Lies are all connected, and that he has gotten serious inquiries from congressmen about joining the Jan. 6 commission.

January 6th Commission is Coming … Here’s How MAGA Can Use it To Beat Dems at Their Own Game

‘Master of the Pandemic’

TV host Jennifer Zeng reveals Communist China has declared victory as the “master of the pandemic.”

‘They do think they own the pandemic,” she said, as a senior CCP advisor says they fought a “biological war and that they won.”

Inconvenient Truths by Jennifer Zeng


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